Credit Builder Loans

Credit Builder Loans If you are a responsible individual that is looking for a chance to prove yourself to creditors, Heritage Family Credit Union can lend you a hand. Our Credit Builder Loans are designed to help put you on the right track to a bright financial future. Whether you are just starting off and looking to establish credit or need assistance improving a poor credit rating, our experienced lenders have the perfect option.

Utilize Credit Builder Loans for a variety of purposes including:

• Establishing new credit
• Repairing poor credit
• Saving for large ticket items

With Credit Builder Loans, the amount you borrow will be placed in an interest bearing savings account and cannot be withdrawn until all monthly payments have been made. Information regarding your payment history is reported to the credit bureau each month to help improve your credit rating. Upon successful repayment of the loan, the money is fully available to you.

Credit Builder Loan amounts normally range from $500 - $1,000 and are lent for terms of one year or less. This way you are not locked into a long term commitment, but are still able to reap the benefits of regular installment loan payments.
Visa Cards
Our Visa cards give the purchasing power you need. We offer several great Emerald card choices for you and your business.
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