Business Checking Accounts

Business Checking Accounts Checking Accounts are the engines of the business finance machine. It is what you use for the day-to-day operations and management of your company. That's why we give you a variety of business checking options.

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Business Plus Checking

The Business Plus Checking Account is designed for the business owner that carries higher balances, and earns interest on a tiered Minimum Balance. Daily transfers are available. Some fees may apply.


•High Yield Business Account available
•Dividends paid on tiered minimum balance, declared and paid monthly


•Overdraft from Operation Line of Credit available
•Daily transfers available In/Out/Both

Non-Profit Business Checking

With the Non-Profit Business Checking members earn interest at the consumer dividend rate. The Non-Profit Business Checking is designed for the true non-profits with IRS designation.


•Dividends are declared and paid monthly at consumer rates
•No Monthly Fees
•No Per Item Fees


•Overdraft Line of Credit

Business Choice Checking Accounts

Business Choice Checking Accounts are designed for the small business owner.


•No Minimum Balance
•Unlimited Checks Written/Cleared
•No Dividends Paid


•Overdraft Line-Of-Credit

High-Yield Business Account

The High-Yield Business Account is a transfer vehicle offering higher rates of return than other accounts. You can obtain higher dividend rates than traditional share and share draft accounts and are allowed unlimited transfers to and from this account within one member number. High-Yield Business Accounts are great to use when you want higher rates of return coupled with fast liquidity. Unlike Term Share Certificates that have substantial penalties for early withdrawal, the Business High-Yield Account allows for penalty-free withdrawals and unlimited transfers within the same member number.

High Yield Business Account Features:

•Higher dividend rate
•Opening minimum balance to earn interest is $1,000
•No transaction limit
•No checks or debit card
•Transfer In/Out/Both
•Only available with Business Plus Share Draft


•Usable as a source for Overdraft Protection. A fee applies.

The minimum amount you must open this account with is $1000.00. For current rate information, please see our complete rate schedule.

Dividends are calculated on the actual daily balance, compounded and credited to the account monthly.

If the balance in the High-Yield Business Account falls below $1000.00 on any day, the account will not earn dividends for that day. To earn the disclosed APY, the member must maintain a balance of no less than $1000.00 each day of the dividend period. Dividends are not paid on Business High-Yield Accounts that are closed before the end of the dividend period.

The funds in the High-Yield Business Account are insured under the $250,000.00 per member federal insurance coverage provided by the NCUSIF.

Overdraft Line-of-Credit

All businesses with a Share Draft (Checking) account are eligible to apply for an automatic Overdraft Line-of-Credit. This optional line-of-credit is like having a security blanket for your Business Share Draft Account. An Overdraft Line-of-Credit is an excellent way to protect you from overdrawing your Business Share Draft Account. For example, should you write a draft for a certain amount and forget to transfer funds from another account to cover that draft, a loan will automatically be advanced and deposited into your share draft account to cover that draft. Then you simply pay off the loan that was advanced, plus any interest, with the funds that were scheduled to cover that initial draft. All overdraft loans are advanced in increments of $100.00, with a required minimum payment.

Overdraft Transfer

Set up automatic transfers from your savings account to cover overdrafts. A fee applies.
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