A member applies for a loan.

Apply for a Loan or Additional Share

Looking to apply for a loan or additional membership share? We can help!
We are proud to offer our members great rates on a vareity of loan types! For the best application experience, please login to eBranch and apply. When applying through eBranch, the application process is easy as this allows parts of your application to autofill, such as demographic information and member number. You can apply for any loan type including Mortgage.

You can register for eBranch anytime from anywhere.  You will need your member number, date of birth, and social security number to register.

Login or Register for eBranchLogin or Register for eBranch


To Apply for a Loan or Share in eBranch

1. Log into eBranch. You may use any device (computer, tablet, phone)  by using a browser or the eBranch app to access and fill out the application.
2. From the upper menu, select "Apply for a Loan."  From this application, you can apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit, Vehicle Loan, Personal Loan, Overdraft Line of Credit, Credit Card, or additional Share.

You can also select one of the products below to go directly to the application:

Apply to Add a Share to Your Membership

Apply for a VISA card through HeritageApply for an Emerald VISA Card

Apply for a personal loan or overdraft line of creditApply for a Personal Loan or Overdraft Line of Credit

Apply for a personal loan or overdraft line of creditApply for a Solar or Energy Efficiency Loan 

Apply for an Auto or Toy LoanApply for an Auto or Toy Loan* or Apply for Vehicle Loan Pre-Approval

Apply for a HELOCApply for a Home Equity Line of Credit**

Apply for a mortgage or home equity loanApply for a Mortgage or Home Equity Loan**

Ready to apply? Gather the documents you'll need for your home equity line of credit, mortgage, or home equity loan application before you start. Download the Mortgage Loan Application Checklist before you begin!

Check the status of your application Recently Applied? Check your application status!


*This application is for those members who have already picked out their car and know information, such as VIN and final price. If you are looking to be pre-approved, please visit our Smart Approval Application

**Learn more about Home Equity Lines of Credit and Home Equity Loans to determine which loan is right for you.