At the 68th annual meeting of Heritage Family Credit Union on Thursday, April 18, 2024, after voting of its membership, incumbents Denis Benson and Rodney Ward were re-elected for terms of 3 years. Additionally, member Kim Griffin was elected by write-in ballots for a term of 3 years. Director Kevin Loso shared that after more than 10 years as the Board’s chairperson, he would be stepping away from the leadership role, but will remain on the Board while he completes his term

After a special meeting, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following executive positions:

Gwen Flewelling: Board Chair

Paul Carroccio: 1st Vice Chair

Nicole Kesselring: 2nd Vice Chair

Dick Addison: Treasurer

Rodney Ward: Secretary

Directors Kevin Loso, Josh Chilson, Denis Benson and Kim Griffin round out the 9-person Board of Directors for Heritage Family Credit Union. The Board meets monthly with the senior leadership team. The next meeting of the membership, the 69th annual meeting of HFCU, will be in April 2025.