Introducing the Interactive Teller Machines!

ITMs: Interactive Teller Machines

What is an ITM?


An ITM is short for “Interactive Teller Machine”. This innovative technology allows a member to conduct most teller transactions at the machine without a teller. Video assistance is available when needed during regular business hours. A Heritage Family employee can assist you virtually with the touch of a button.

Where are ITMs located?

Our ITMs are operational in the Fair Haven, Ludlow, Bennington, and Hooksett, NH drive-thrus, as well as in-branch in our Allen St and West St lobbies in Rutland!

When are the ITMs available?


Advanced ITM functionality will be available on our drive-thru ITMs from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. ITMs provide ATM services only outside of these hours. Virtual Branch Agents are available to help conduct transactions from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. Our in-branch ITMs are accessible during regular business hours.


How does an ITM work?


When you’re ready to begin your transaction, simply touch the screen. You can either conduct a transaction like you would at any other ATM, or request to connect with a Virtual Branch Agent. You may be asked to scan your ID for identification.

Why is Heritage Family Credit Union using ITMs?

There are a number of benefits for our members!

  • · Members will experience shorter lines and personal assistance every step of the way.
  • · 95% of typical teller transactions are available via ITMs.
  • · The addition of ITMs allows members to receive more consultive services in-branch.



What transactions can be conducted at the ITM?

Almost any transaction that you would complete inside a branch with a teller can be completed at an ITM. This includes, but is not limited to:

· Checking/savings deposits
· Checking/savings withdrawals
· Balance inquiries
· Account transfers
·  Check cashing
· Loan payments
· Exchange bills
·  Order checks
· Email or printed receipts

Can coins be deposited into the ITM?

The ITM will not accept or process coins, similar to an ATM.

Will the ITM dispense coins? What it I want to cash a check that is not an even amount?

The ITM will not dispense coins. When you cash a check, the ITM will treat the transaction as a deposit and a withdrawal. You will be asked which share you want to utilize for the transaction and the change will be deposited to that share.

Will the ITM only dispense twenty-dollar bills?

The ITMs will dispense one-dollar bills, ten-dollar bills, twenty-dollar bills, and fifty-dollar bills. Depending upon the amount you are withdrawing, you will be able to request your bill mix. 

Is there a fee to us an ITM?

Using an ITM is the same as visiting the teller window. There are no additional fees for members. Non-members can use an ITM like an ATM and will be charged a $2.50 transaction fee and may see a fee from their institution as well.

Will transactions take longer at an ITM than it does at a teller line?

We believe that ITM transactions will take less time than transacting in-branch with a traditional teller.

Can I still use ATM features without a Virtual Branch Representative to assist me?

Yes, if you prefer to complete an ATM transaction at any of the ITM locations, simply insert your card into the machine and follow the steps you would normally take with one of our ATMs. During the transaction, you can request assistance at any time.

Virutal Branch Representatives & Staffing


Who are the tellers I will interact with?

All of the Virtual Branch Representatives work out of the Ron Hance Operations Center in Rutland and are employees of Heritage Family Credit Union. You may recognize them, as they have worked at many of our locations!

Is my conversation with an Virutal Branch Representative private?

Your privacy is important to us. Just as when you are talking to a teller in the branch face-to-face, your conversations with the Virtual Branch Representatives are also private.

Do the additions of ITMs mean that you are closing branches? Are the machines replacing people?


We are not closing branches and no staff are losing their jobs. We did close the North Main St branch in March 2021, and have no further plans to close other branches. Everyone from the North Main Street branch was relocated throughout the Credit Union. In fact, you will see some of their faces on the ITMs! The investments in ITMs mean that we can help a broad range of members in a wider range of locations adding value and convenience for our expanded membership.