Board of Directors

Kevin Loso, 1st Vice Chair
Kevin Loso – Chairman of the Board
Term through April 2022
Richard Addison, 2nd Vice Chair
Dick Addison – First Vice Chair
Term through April 2020
Tom O’Brien, Chairman
Tom O’Brien – Second Vice Chair
Term through April 2022

Gwen Flewelling, Treasurer
Gwen Flewelling - Treasurer

Term through April 2021

Rodney Ward, Secretary
Rodney Ward – Secretary
Term through April 2021
Denis Benson, Director
Denis Benson – Director
Term through April 2021

Leslie Doenges, Director
Leslie Doenges - Director

Term through April 2021

Paul Carroccio, Director
Paul Carroccio - Director
Term through April 2021

Nicole Kesselring, Director
Nicole Kesselring - Director
Term through April 2022
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