Green Loans

Personal Loans


Green Auto Loans

Special rates are available on high fuel economy rated vehicles with an average of 30 mpg city and highway miles or better.
• An available discount of .50% off regular secured loan rates will be offered.
• Extended terms available, up to 72 months.
• MPG calculated according to information found at

Green Home Equity Loans

Heritage Family offers special financing on any alternative energy, renewable
energy or home energy efficiency projects. Projects can include insulation,
windows, appliances, solar energy systems and more.
• An available discount of .50% off regular home equity loan rates will be offered.
• Financing up to 7 years.
• For loans above $5,000, if members have the H.E.A.T. Squad (Home Efficiency
Assistance Team) perform an energy audit, a rebate of $50 toward the cost of the
audit will be deposited in the member’s account when the Green Home Equity Loan
is funded.

Solar Loans

Solar loans are specifically designed with terms that make going solar easy. Not everyone has equity in their home. Our Solar Loans may not require any equity, which skips the need for an appraisal or title work.
• Special rates available with terms up to 15 years, with a 20-year amortization.
• Low monthly payments.
• No pre-payment penalties.
VISA Cards
Our VISA cards give the purchasing power you need. We offer several great Emerald card choices for you and your business.
Whatever your financial needs, day or night, you have access to your account information to help you meet your demanding lifestyle. From our branches, apps and call center we are here in Vermont and New Hampshire to serve you wherever you are.