In mid-July, eBranch preference will be changing so that email will no longer be available as a form of Multi-Factor Authentication. This change is being made to protect against fraud - if your identity is ever compromised, and someone gains access to your email account, it can be very simple to change your eBranch password and gain control of your HFCU accounts.

To prepare for this important change, we ask all eBranch users to please navigate to your eBranch profile and confirm the current contact info we have on file for you.

We ask that you add your phone numbers, especially mobile, within eBranch before July 16. We also encourage you to take the step to verify any contact info that is appearing within eBranch.

After this change goes into effect, you will still have a range of options to authenticate your account, including text message, a voice message with a code, via push authentication, or through an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator).

To learn more, please visit our FAQ section. Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep your information safe.