Coronavirus (COVID-19) Important Information

The health and safety of our members and our employees is always our top priority. 

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We are:

► Serving Our Members

Heritage Family Credit Union is committed to serving our members and will do everything within the recommendations of the government and health officials in order to keep assisting members.

► Listening    

We are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Vermont State Government as well as federal and local agencies regarding operations and best practices.

► Communicating

Members may get a few more emails from us than normal. Keeping members and employees informed and acting swiftly is important to us.

► Supporting

We continue to offer members access to their accounts remotely 24/7 using eBranch on a smart phone, tablet, or browser. Using these tools allows you to check balances, transfer money, message a Financial Services Representative, pay bills*, and deposit checks*.

► Assisting

We are ready to assist members who have been directly affected by COVID-19 by offering financial obligation relief and assistance plans as they become necessary.

What You Can Do 

► Download the Heritage Family Credit Union eBranch App

Download the eBranch app to your Android™ phone, iPhone®, or iPad® through the Apple App Store or Google Play. This app is available to assist with most banking transactions remotely 24/7. You can also access eBranch through your web browser (not available on Internet Explorer.)

► Pay Bills & Make Deposits Online

For everyone's health and safety, utilizing eBranch to make payments and make deposits will allow us to follow best practices for social distancing. Please note that bill pay and SmartDeposit are available with Premier Checking accounts. To access these services, please call 888.252.8932 or submit a secure message through eBranch.

► Watch out for Phishing and Scammers

 Be aware that scammers are taking advantage of the delicate situation. Lookout for suspicious emails, text messages, and phone calls leveraging the COVID-19 outbreak to convince you to share sensitive information such as usernames and passwords. Read more on how to protect yourself from fraud.


Stay informed with the latest updates and best practices on how to limit the spread of COVID-19 by regularly checking information from federal, state, and local agencies including:

► Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
► World Health Organization (WHO)
► Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
► Vermont Emergency Management (VEM)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have business hours or services been affected or changed?

After very careful consideration regarding the health and wellness of both our members and staff, we have decided to temporarily close all of HFCU's lobbies to regular traffic beginning Monday, January 25 until further notice.

Drive-thru service is available during normal business hours.

In-person appointments can be made, with consideration, by calling 888.252.8932.

What can I expect inside a branch location?


  • ►Everyone that enters our branches may wear a mask. Our employees may be wearing masks when not behind protective plexiglass shields.
Physical Distancing
  • ►We ask when you are waiting, either inside or outside, to continue to respect physical distancing guidelines of six feet between you and others in line. We have installed stickers on our floors that properly space this out for you.
  • ►Because of the current state restrictions, we ask that you continue to schedule appointments to meet with Financial Service Representatives. Please call 888.252.8932 to schedule an appointment.

Restricted Services
  • ►Coffee will not be available on our lobbies.
  • ►We ask that if you are feeling ill, please refrain from coming to our branches. Please call 888.252.8932 or send a secure message through eBranch and we will continue to do our best to help you remotely. If you aren’t sure how to transact remotely, please refer to our transaction guide. 
  • ►Our staff are required to remain home if feeling sick.

How can I access my accounts without going to a branch or CO-OP location?

To quickly and easily check balances, transfer money, make a payment, pay bills*, deposit a check*, or send a secure message 24/7, please utilize eBranch through the app or web browser.  To use our audio teller system, call 888.252.8932 and select option 1. Our Call Center remains open and able to assist you, as well. To reach them, please call 888.252.8932. You can also utilize our Video Branch service between 9-5 PM EST Monday-Friday.

Should I expect longer than normal wait times on the phone?

Potentially, yes. We are seeing an influx in calls and want to afford each member the same level of attention and respect to their issue as we normally would. Our Call Center remains open and happy to assist you.

Should I expect longer than normal wait times when visiting a branch?

Yes. Due to state guidelines, there are restrictions on the number of people we can have in any space at a time, we expect that you may be waiting longer than normal when transacting in person, both inside the branch and at the drive-thru. We are happy to help you, and continue to also encourage remotely transacting with us.

Should I expect payments and deposits processed by mail to take longer than usual?

No. We are not currently experiencing any delay in mail processing and will update this information if we do. The fastest way to make a payment or deposit is through eBranch*.

Will the processing of my direct deposit be impacted?

No. There are currently no service interruptions in our ability to process direct deposit.

Will the opening or processing of my loan application be delayed?

Potentially. We are doing our best to continue business as normal as well as extend additional services to those affected by COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and are happy to give you an update on your loan application via secure messaging within eBranch or contacting our Call Center at 888.252.8932. Please note that other means of communication are not secure and we cannot provide updates or account information through other channels.

How is Heritage taking care of its employees during this time?

We are committed to our employees feeling safe and secure. We are helping them navigate the ever-changing information as it becomes available and feel that communication is incredibly important. We are evaluating employees on a case-by-case basis to determine, if possible, an alternate work arrangement or location.

Employees who are sick or caring for children or elderly family members are being asked to remain home.

Important fraud tips to keep in mind

There has been a large uptick in fraudulent activity and cyber crime recently. If anyone contacts you to tell you they can expedite your economic impact payment, mentions a fee for processing, or requests your account information, they are attempting to take advantage of you. Neither Heritage Family Credit Union or the Federal Government will contact you to ask for your social security number, account number, or debit/credit card number.
In all your online activities, please think before you click on links in emails - and never click on a link in an email you weren’t expecting. If you receive an email claiming to be from the IRS, Treasury Department, Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) or others, be sure to check their official websites, by manually typing the wed address into a browser, before taking any action.
*Bill pay and SmartDeposit are features of the Premier Checking Account. Want access to these services? Our Call Center Agents can help. Please contact us during normal business hours at 888.252.8932.