HFCUVT Video Branch FAQs

What is HFCUVT Video Branch?

Heritage Family Credit Union is proud to be able to offer personal service without leaving the comfort of your home or business! You can now have face-to-face conversations and support from departments throughout your Credit Union without leaving the house. Using web cameras and microphones, your image and voice is transmitted to our video agents right at their desks and offices through the Credit Union. We are happy to offer this safe and convenient services for our members and members-to-be!

Are my transactions secure?


Yes! Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us and your transactions are as secure as if you were in our branches. All transactions and services are able to be processed as if you were in branch, and a digital signature may be required to complete some business.

How can I access HFCUVT Video Branch?

When accessing HFCUVT Video Branch via a laptop or desktop computer, all modern browsers work including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Please note, Internet Explorer is not supported when using video branch. 

When on a mobile device, please download the app from either the Google Play or Apple App Store

Why is Heritage Family Credit Union offering video branching?

At Heritage Family Credit Union, we are always looking for ways to use technology and digital means to help simplify banking and doing so safely and securely. By expanding our services from in-person only to online through multiple channels, we can now provide even greater convenience for our members.

What can I do through HFCUVT Video Branch?

Support agents are available from our branches, member service, loan support, mortgages, business loan services, and Heritage Way teams.

Member Service Team members can help answer general questions about Heritage Family Credit Union, your account, eBranch and eServices, becoming a member, our website and much more.

Loan Support Team members can help answer questions about loans - both in-process applications and pre-application, loans you already have, or any other questions around loans.

The Mortgages Support Team members are available to help answer all questions about property loans including mortgages and home equity products. They can help you with pre-approval, during your loan application process, or even with mortgage servicing and closing. 

The Business Loans Support team members are available to help answer business loan questions and take loan applications for our Business members and potential Business members.

Is there a delay when using Video Branching?

No, your account is updated in real-time as it would be when you are transacting in-person.

Are the video agents from all the teams Heritage Family Credit Union employees?

Yes, all the agents you will speak to from all the different teams are seasoned Heritage Family Credit Union employees. They work within the departments they are team members for and you may recognize them from in-person services, as well!