The main branch on Allen Street in Rutland.

About Us

Routing Number: 211691318

Our Mission

The purpose of the Heritage Family Credit Union is to provide friendly, personable, high quality services for the entire family. The Credit Union will strive to offer convenient, cost effective services while maintaining financial stability.

Vision Statement

Heritage Family Credit Union’s vision is families prospering through cooperation.

Value Statement


Not Just a Customer

Unlike other financial institutions, a credit union is owned and operated by the people it serves, with each member having one vote, regardless of the number of shares held. There are no stockholders to be driven by profit, which makes your credit union different from any other financial institution. Members are united by a common bond of association and democratically operate under credit union regulations.

Member Rights & Responsibilities

As a member and co-owner of this credit union, this is your financial co-operative and you have certain rights and responsibilities as a member-owner, which include:

Right To Fair Pricing
Our rates are set to reflect costs, ensure a financially sound credit union and provide benefits. There are no hidden costs or unadvertised special deals.

Right To Friendly, Personable Service
Our staff will strive to provide the highest quality personal service and correct any problems in an efficient, professional manner. 

Right To An Equal Vote
At our annual meeting and other member meetings, each member has an equal vote.

Right To Run For Office
The Board of Directors are fellow members elected to represent members’ interests. Every member has the right to stand for election to the Board of Directors, which are voted upon at our annual meeting. 

Responsibility To Stay Informed of New Credit Union Products & Procedures
You will make every effort to read the materials provided to members that explain or promote new services and procedures. 

Responsibility To Use & Promote Your Credit Union
The more business you bring to the credit union, the stronger it becomes and the more each member benefits.

Responsibility To Treat Credit Union Employees With Dignity & Respect
The staff are fellow members and deserve the same respect and dignity that we demand as service users.
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