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Fraud Notice

It's easy to become the victim of ID theft, especially on your debit card.  HFCU would like to remind you of some best practices to help protect you and your money.

1. Remember to utilize and activate IDProtect if you have Premier Checking.
2. If you don't have Premier Checking with IDProtect, sign up today!
3. Only shop from trusted websites and make sure that your computer’s virus protection is up to date.
4. Check your statement frequently and verify all charges are accurate. If you notice something that does not belong to you, please contact the call center immediately at 888.252.8932 or visit your local branch.
5. Do not give out your debit or credit card number over the phone, unless you initiated the call and are absolutely positive you are speaking to a known person. ID thieves have been known to impersonate relatives to steal important information and money.
6. Be careful what you share on your social media accounts including mother’s maiden name, full birthdate, etc. as these are often tools used to identify your personal information. 
7. Don’t share passwords or pin numbers, and don’t use common choices like your children or pets’ names.
8. If you ever have a suspicious feeling from someone calling you, do not feel pressured to provide any information over the phone. If it’s a legitimate caller, they will understand if you want to take extra caution in providing personal information. Feel free to tell the caller you are going to hang up and call them at the phone number you know to be correct.
9. When using an ATM machine, check for anything that looks suspicious about the machine, including parts that seem to have been added, are crooked, loose or seem to be in disrepair.
10. Protect your pin number. Never share your pin with others, and when entering your pin number, shield your finger strokes from prying eyes.

Important Payment Processing Information

Waiting for funds to enter or exit your account is added stress you don’t need when managing your money. That’s why Heritage Family Credit Union is evolving to same day Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing—a faster way of moving money.

How it affects you

Same day ACH processing lessens the time between when you make or receive a payment, and it being reflected in your account balance. So, once this change is implemented, you may begin to see ACH transactions posting to your account sooner than you are used to.

You can avoid declined payments, insufficient funds fees and/or Overdraft Privilege fees (for those enrolled), by authorizing payments only when you have the funds in your account.

The types of transactions affected by this change are those which use a routing number and account number to make or receive a payment electronically—also known as ACH transactions. This may also include a paper check converted by the merchant to an electronic payment.

Why the Change?

Merchants and financial institutions, like Heritage Family Credit Union, will soon be required to use same day ACH processing, in order to be compliant with National Automated Clearing House Association rules.

If you have questions regarding ACH transactions or SDACH processing, please call Heritage Family Credit Union at 888.252.8932.

Teller Cash Recyclers

Heritage Family Credit Union deployed Teller Cash Recyclers throughout all of their branches. Teller Cash Recyclers automate cash-in, cash-out transactions that typically occur at the teller line. By eliminating manual tasks, such as counting cash, tellers are free to spend more time focusing on the needs of their members.  

“In today’s world, the threat of robberies is an ever-present danger and we need to continue protecting both our members and staff. Not only will these new TCR machines automatically sort and store the cash in a secured vault, they will help improve speed and accuracy at the teller line,” said Matt Levandowski, President & CEO of Heritage Family Credit Union (HFCU).

Emerald VISA
Emerald VISA cards give you the purchasing power you need when you need it. The credit union offers several great Emerald choices for you and your business. Our Emerald VISA cards offers members Choice Rewards, a program specially designed to reward members for their VISA usage.
Whatever your financial needs, day or night, you have access to your account information to help you meet your demanding lifestyle. From our branches, apps and call center we are here in Vermont and New Hampshire to serve you wherever you are.