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ATM Card

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With the Heritage Federal Family Credit Union ATM card you will have peace of mind knowing that you carry your Credit Union with you. By carrying our ATM card, you can withdraw money from your share or share draft account 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! ATM's are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All ATM's are serviced daily by credit union personnel. When you travel, there is no need to take extra cash...play it safe and take our ATM card instead. This is a traditional ATM card that is accepted at all Heritage Family Credit Union owned ATM machines with no transaction fees. It is also accepted on the COOP, NYCE, Plus, Pulse, and Star ATM networks. When used at a Heritage Family Credit Union owned ATM machine there are no fees. There are network fees of $1.00 for any transaction at a non-HFCU owned machine. In addition, you may be asked to pay a surcharge by the ATM machine owner.
When traveling outside the United States, use of your card saves you the hassle of calculating the exchange rate for different currencies. The network adjusts your transaction automatically! However, most foreign countries process withdrawals through checking only.

Click here for a complete list of ATMs in our network.

In addition to these convenient locations, the Credit Union's ATM card is accepted at the following networks: NYCE, PLUS, PULSE, STAR & COOP. So, you can access your cash anywhere in the U.S., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our ATM card is normally utilized by people who only have a Share (Savings) Account. Unlike the Visa/Debit Card, you cannot use the ATM card to make purchases.
Click here or the "Launch" button on the right for a printable application.

Send completed applications to:
ATM Department
Heritage Family Credit Union
Thirty Allen Street
Rutland, VT 05701

Applications may also be picked up in the Credit Union lobby, or requested by telephone.

Access: A PIN number is required to perform any transactions with your ATM card. PIN numbers and Share Excel cards are ordered by the ATM coordinator from a card manufacturer. It takes an average of two weeks for you to receive their new ATM card and PIN.
Fees: Your initial ATM Card and are PIN FREE with NO ANNUAL FEE. There is no charge to use your card at any Heritage Family Credit Union owned machine. There is a $1 fee per transaction at machines in PLUS, NYCE, STAR and PULSE networks.*

*plus possible surcharge from issuing financial institution.
Legal Title Change FREE
Re-issuance of a Card and PIN $6.00
Pull and Destroy Card $10.00
Pull and Forward Card $75.00
Rush ATM Card (same day) $75.00
Rush PIN $75.00
For Saturday delivery add $20.00 to above pricing

Cards: The card manufacurer sends you the actual ATM cards and computes the PIN numbers. The member's account number, PIN number and Sequence number are encoded on the magnetic strip on the back of each ATM card. Care should be taken with the cards. If the strip is scratched or bent, the machine will not be able to read the card. Certain devices will demagnetize cards and erase all the information on the strip.
The life expectancy of a ATM card is four (4) years. You automatically receive a new ATM card, at no charge, every four years.
PIN numbers DO NOT CHANGE when a card is replaced or PIN reissued. In the case of a lost or stolen card the pin will change upon re-issue.
When a your card needs to be deactivated, the ATM coordinator goes into the NYCE database and performs a "STOP HIT" on the card. We then do a "STOP HIT" on our own computer system, flag the header record of the member's account, and update our card screen. This alerts the NETWORK to cease authorization on this card.
A fee of $6.00 is required whenever a new card or PIN number is ordered. You MUST SIGN the Request Form. We will not issue the new card or PIN without the member's signature on the form. (Figure 3) You must also sign the Legal Title Change Forms when changing their names due to marriage or divorce. (Figure 4)

Posting of Transactions: In most cases a transaction made through the ATM will be posted immediately to your account.

Additional Info:

Maximum withdrawal amount per day: Member limit up to $405 (or dependent on individual banks in network.)
The BIN number for the ATM card is 582128000. The ATM/Check Card BIN number is 403058.
Stewart's does not have POS terminals. They have cash dispensers which charge you.
Many banks have begun "SURCHARGING" ATM users who are not customers of their bank. Surcharges range in price from $1.00 to $5.00 per transaction.
All terminals have a $300.00 withdrawal limit with a maximum of three (3) withdrawals per day.
All deposits up to $9,999.00 made in Heritage Family Credit Union owned ATMs will be processed. Any amount in excess of this amount will generate an unable to process error message. 3 deposits per day over $500.00 held 2 business days.
Heritage Family Credit Union owned  machines disburse money in $20 increments only. (Other network ATM's may have different denominations, determined by machine owner.)
Some ATM's have a surcharge placed by the owner of the ATM - This has become more common.
Many Heritage Family Credit Union owned ATMs within Vermont will accept DEPOSITS for Heritage Family Credit Union.


1. What are the benefits of using my ATM card?
With the ATM card you will be able to withdraw your funds 24/7 from your share or share draft account at one of our ATM machines without any fees. Anywhere you travel, your ATM card can be used on thousands of machines displaying the PLUS, NYCE, STAR, COOP and PULSE logos. When out of the country, exchange rates are automatically calculated by the network and posted to your account, saving you the trouble of currency conversions. Also, when out of the US, access is limited to your share draft account only.

2. Are there any costs to obtain a Share Excel ATM card?
No. There is no initial cost or annual fee to open an ATM card "account" and obtain the card.

3. Are there any fees when I use my Share Excel ATM card?
When used at a
Heritage Family Credit Union owned ATM machine there are no fees. There are network fees of $1.00 for any transaction at a non-HFCU owned machine. In addition, you may be asked to pay a surcharge by the ATM machine owner.

4. Which accounts are accessible with my Share Excel ATM card?
Your share (savings) account, as well as your share draft account (if applicable) is available for transactions. Other accounts may be available on
Heritage Family Credit Union owned ATM machines. Deposits may be made at any Share Excel machine statewide.

5. How do I keep track of my account activity?
With each ATM or point-of-sale transaction you will receive a receipt showing the transaction amount and any fees, if applicable. Your monthly statement will have detailed information on each transaction posted to your account, so that you may reconcile your account. Don't forget, with e-Branch Home Banking, you can view all of your transactions, as soon as they are posted to your account.

6. What should I do if may card is lost or stolen?
Contact the credit union at 802.775.4930, Monday to Friday from 8:00-5:00. After hours and on weekends, please call 800.523.4175, and we will stop the use of your card. Please contact the credit union during normal business hours for a replacement card.

7. Why am I unable to key in my PIN for an ATM or point-of-sale (debit) transaction?
The magnetic strip has been demagnetized, bent or scratched rendering the card unusable. Contact the credit union to order a replacement card.

8. Under what circumstances will my pin number change?
The original pin number issued will not change unless the card is lost or stolen.

9. Why can?t I get any money out of the ATM?
You may have a loan that is past due more than 10 days. Or you have requested an amount that is not in $20.00 increments. Or your request exceeds the daily card limit.

10. What happens if I enter my PIN incorrectly?
If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, it will lockout use of your card. This is a security feature. Contact the credit union to have your card reset.

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