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Share Draft (Checking) Accounts

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A Share Draft Account is a transaction account which works in the same manner as a bank checking account. Applications for share draft accounts are available through a Financial Services Representative or teller. An initial deposit is required by members who do not have Direct Deposit to cover the first order of drafts. No other minimum deposit is required at any other time.

Share Drafts offer you many benefits over traditional checks including:

  • Higher Dividends - Share Draft Accounts allow you to earn money by paying dividends. Since share drafts have no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements, your entire balance is working for you. For current rate information, please see our complete rate schedule. Click here for current rates.
  • Lower Fees - A Share Draft Account allows for the same conveniences of a checking account but doesn't have the monthly fees of many bank checking accounts.
  • No minimum balance requirements - Share Drafts do not require you to keep a minimum balance in your share draft account.
  • Overdraft Protection - Overdraft Protection is available to qualified members up to $1,000.00. Since O/D is a line-of-credit, you must apply and be approved by lending.
  • Direct Deposit - You may elect to have your entire paycheck directly deposited into your share draft account.
  • Truncation - Truncation means your original copy of the share draft is not returned to you with your statement. The drafts are microfilmed and destroyed. You have an automatic carbonless copy of each draft you write to simplify recordkeeping. If a Micro Copy of a draft is ever needed, one can be ordered for a nominal charge.

You may choose to apply for a Share Draft Account WITH or WITHOUT overdraft protection. Overdraft advances are made in $100.00 increments, up to a maximum of $1,000.00. A minimum payment of $40.00 per month is required.

You may apply for a Share Draft Account here now by clicking the "Launch" button on this page and logging into e-Branch, by filling out an application at one of our branch locations, or contacting our call center at 888.252.8932.

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