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Share (Savings) Accounts

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By opening a Prime Share (Savings) Account, members qualify for all other credit union services. The minimum initial deposit to open a Primary Share (Savings) Account is $25.00.

Upon opening a Prime Share Account, members are asked to complete a simple signature card. All authorized owners of the account are required to sign the signature card. This information is kept on file. In the event of a name change, ownership change or beneficiary, a new signature card would need to be completed.

Members earn interest on deposited funds in the form of dividends. (Dividends differ from interest in that they signify that the depositor has become part owner of the credit union.) The board of directors sets the dividend rate monthly for share accounts. For current rate information, please see our complete rate schedule. Dividends are compounded monthly and credited monthly on balances of $25.00 or more based on the actual daily balance in the account. If an account is closed during the month no dividends will be paid for that month.

 How much could I save over time?
 How much should I save each month?

Any share account that has been open for one year, the share balance is less than $100.00 and the member does not have one or more of these credit union products or services: loan, club acct., share draft acct., certificate, IRA, Visa, ATM card, safe deposit box or portfolio mortgage, will be charged a low balance fee. Members under the age of 22 will not be charged a fee.

Member's may check the balance on their accounts by contacting the credit union's call center at 1.888.252.8932, calling M.A.R.S., our Member Audio Response System, or using e-Teller. Please remember, a member's available balance does not include the original $25.00 which is their "share" of the credit union. It also does not include funds held till the end of the month for loans that are paid by Automated Transfers.

Special Note:
Although non-cash deposits earn dividends from the date first credited to the account, the time when they may be withdrawn or become available for use is governed by the credit union's funds availability policy. All members are given a copy of this at the time their account is opened.
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