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Message from the President

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Ahhhh, April. Weíre beginning to see the early signs of spring with all the daffodils starting to sprout and the storms of ďWinter 2015Ē a distant memory. What? Too soon?

Even if this winter isnít quite ready to release its hold on us yet, Iím sure everyone is looking forward to the time of year when the flowers are in bloom, the grass greens up, and the birds begin to sing. Now that I think about it, maybe those people with allergies arenít so fond of all that pollen. And maybe those with gravel or dirt driveways arenít so keen about all that mud. And donít get me started on all the outdoor projects that have been piling up all winter.

One thingís for sure, allergies and mud aside, those projects arenít going to complete themselves. They need to be tackled and thereís no better time to do it then in the spring when you have plenty of pent up energy. But, how do you fund such projects without draining your budget or savings? My favorite way to do it has always been with the help of a home equity line-of-credit (HELOC). In my opinion, itís the best loan out there.

HELOCs allow you to use the equity youíve built up in your home to fund a variety of projects, big or small. For example, in the past I have used mine to fund, not only home improvements, but vehicle purchases, college tuition, debt consolidation, and the well-deserved vacation. Use as much or as little as you need; only paying interest on the amount used. And best of all, the interest you pay might even be tax deductible (but check with your tax advisor).
Learn more about HELOCs with one of our experienced lenders and start knocking out some of those projects this spring.

Matt Levandowski

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